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Newington Injury Lawyers

Newington Injury Lawyers

Newington, Connecticut is a suburban town in the heart of the Greater Hartford region, residing just under 6 miles from the personal injury firm of Polinsky Law Group in Hartford, Connecticut. With a population of over 30,000 residents and growing, it is no wonder the town’s motto is “Growth and Progress”. Newington is home to both residential areas and the Berlin Turnpike, making it an access point for its residents to travel to their highest convenience. In addition, Newington is known for harboring American's smallest waterfall, Mill Pond Falls. With only two small sources of water spanning the entire town, it is both surprising and humorous that Newington should have a famous landmark be a waterfall. Other town favorites include the Indian Hill Country Club, known to golfers all over for their beautiful courses and active partnering with local organizations in the Newington Community.

In a town with so many places to go and activities to participate in, there is no question that a few accidental injuries may occur along the way. It is often difficult to completely avoid these accidents, whether they be at the workplace, within the home, a car collision or a local business in Newington. However, one thing you CAN avoid is having the additional trauma of not knowing whether your injury case is being handled properly. Conducting a personal injury case on your own is no easy feat. Not only will you be required to analyze the extent of your own injuries, but you will also have to figure out how long your recovery period will be, as well as file the potential claim you possess against the insurance companies involved. Having a personal injury law firm like Polinsky Law Group on your side can help tremendously to relieve the burden of these questions off your shoulders.

Concerned about your situation? Contact our Hartford law office to discuss your injury case at (860) 956-5683. We've helped many residents of Newington win their lawsuits.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with injuries stemming from a car accident, premises liability, nursing home negligence, workers’ compensation, catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal injury, or even wrongful death, you deserve to be represented by attorneys who will fight with your best interest at the forefront. You deserve the same justice that we have been delivering to the residents of West Hartford for over 25 years. At Polinsky Law, our slogan is "Don't Get Hurt Twice...There's More Than Money at Stake!".

Although it may not seem difficult to sort out, handling your own personal injury case is not as simple as it may appear. There are many technicalities and procedures involved in pursuing a personal injury case, and clients find peace of mind from working with experienced injury lawyers such as those at Polinsky Law Group. After all, you do not want to end up 'leaving money on the table' when you could actually be receiving the money you deserve for your pain and suffering. When you have a team of experienced professional attorneys working on your case, you can be rest assured that you will be represented in the best manner possible. These situations prove why it is imperative to have trial-tested personal injury law firm like Polinsky Law Group LLC working for you. And there are never any fees until and unless you win your lawsuit.

So if you or a loved one has been injured in or near Newington, Contact our Hartford law office to discuss your concerns at (860) 956-5683. There is never a fee for an initial consultation in personal injury cases. Remember - If you do not recover monetary damages for your claim, you do not pay attorney's fees for our services.

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