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The residents call it a great place to live. New Canaan and surrounding towns and areas in Fairfield County, Connecticut, are rich in history and historical landmarks as well as great schools and a comfortable life style. The New Canaan area is known as the Connecticut Gold Coast, with a special display of architecture from colonial days to Harvard Five private homes. High on the list of famous architects is the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

New Canaan was incorporated as a town back in 1801 and remained primarily an agricultural area until the Revolutionary War. The railroad arrived in 1868 and that brought summer visitors from New York City, many of whom eventually settled in the town.

New Canaan may be proud of its history, but it also lives in the modern world, where accidents often occur and people need all kinds of protection. That's where the Polinsky Law Group becomes an important part of everyday life. Aa a law firm, we are here to protect your investments and protect you. Have you been injured or otherwise involved in a car or motorcycle accident? Are you concern about your recovery period? Are you receiving the payment that you deserve? As your law group, we can protect you and insure that you are justly rewarded for any accidents and injuries.

The New Canaan area takes pride in living a just life style, and at Polinsky Law Group, we take pride in assuring that you will be well and justly treated. Whatever your injury or accident problem, let us make sure that your best interests become our main concern. Call our Harford law office at (860) 232-9959 or click here and let us help you. We known the law and we know how to make it work for you. Call Polinsky Law Group today for a free consultation throughout Connecticut.

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