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From the top of Walnut Hill to Veteran’s Field, spring is the season when new life replaces the dull brown of winter with warm and vibrant green. As the days grow longer, and the evenings warmer, the music that seems to fill the air is all the encouragement that most of us need to once again enjoy a relaxing night at the symphony or at the theater. But the warm weather in New Britain also means more traffic on our streets and highways and, with it, the possibility that someone might become a bit careless and cause a car accident, motorcycle wreck or other personal injury.

We have all heard that “accidents always happen to someone else” or that “accidents are for the careless.” If only such words were true! Accidents will happen, and they will happen suddenly, giving us little time to plan what to do in their aftermath. At such times, it is important to remember that you need the services of a personal injury lawyer well-versed in Connecticut law to protect your legal right to compensation for your injuries.

Many residents of the New Britain area are familiar with the accident and personal injury attorneys at the Polinsky Law Group in nearby Hartford, Connecticut. At the Polinsky Law Group, we limit our law practice to representing the victims of accidental injury and their families.

When you ask the Polinsky Law Group to represent you or a member of your family following an accident or other form of personal injury, every aspect of your case is given the personal attention of one of our experienced injury attorneys. Our lawyers and staff will investigate the circumstances of your personal injury case to ensure that you receive the most generous settlement possible. And, since we know that an accident can tax the finances of any family, our firm is always willing to handle your injury case at no up-front cost to you in exchange for a percentage of the settlement that we will win on your behalf.

If you were the victim of an injury as a result of an accident in the Greater Hartford / New Britain area, take the first step to your recovery by contacting the personal injury lawyers at the Polinsky Law Group by calling (860) 232-9959.

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